Pull opener

The pull opener is an opener that is mounted in the door leaf, which provides for a beautifully finished appearance. The opener works according to a tension principle which allows one to open the door with a minimum of exertion using a natural movement.

  • Made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Suitable for doors up to 400 kg
  • Installation depth of 50mm
  • Not suitable for gas-tight doors
  • Includes moulded cam and mounting materials

Opener green

The Green inside opener is partly recessed into the door leaf and is used as an opener in emergencies.

  • Made of powder coated metal and plastic
  • Suitable for all door types
  • Mounted on the door leaf (partly recessed)

2-sided opener

The 2-sided opener is an opener for both the inside and outside side of a door.

  • Inside and outside opener
  • Made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Can be used for doors from 60 to 140mm thick
  • Mounted on door leaf, axis runs through the door leaf

Not suitable for gas-tight doors

Technical data

Construction EXCLUDES DOOR LEAF. Adapt 140mm panels for door leaf
Framing anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free
Sealing all round by means of rubber profiles
Cage anodized aluminium profiles with a complete thermal bridge-free fit to the wall
Threshold included. Flexible threshold (a so called sliding dowel construction) at additional price
Rail system anodized aluminium drop/lift rail system type SRA with dust cap up to 250 kg (horizontal), electrolytic galvanized drop/lift rail system type SR up to 800 kg (horizontal), galvanized guiding system (vertical)
Operation manually operated (horizontal), chaine operated (vertical). Electrical operation at additional price
Openers inside and outside opener included (horizontal)
Occlusion not included. Available at additional price
Additional options polyester door leaf in two parts, bumper, finish of the clear opening, rain cap and more

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