For over 20 years, Gaspack has manufactured made-to-order rail systems used by many door manufacturers worldwide. The manufacturer uses its own door leaf and hangs the door on the rail system assembled by Gaspack.

For manufacturers looking for a cost price reduction in material and logistics and more flexibility and independence, Gaspack offers the bulk concept. With the bulk concept, Gaspack does not supply assembled rail systems but the customer itself becomes the producer of rail systems.

Gaspack supplies the raw aluminium profiles in large volumes and shares the knowledge and skills of the production process. This enables the customer to process the profiles and assemble the rail systems in-house.

All types of rail systems, door frames and even door surroundings are available for this concept. 

The benefits
- Reduction of material costs
- Reduction of transport costs
- Short delivery times of end product
- Less dependence on suppliers
- More control over the production planning

What you need
- Workshop
- Workbench +- 6 metres long
- Mitre saw and hand tools
- Storage capacity
- One skilled person

Are you interested or would you like to know more? Then please feel free to contact us!

The animation gives a good impression of the procedure for (self) machining, assembling and mounting the rail system.